Joanne DeStefano

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“The Freedom of Watercolors” with Joanne DeStefano

Last Friday, the 401 Gallery was buzzing with a new project.

MVCA is about to offer its first-ever, on-line, video class. With society’s push into technology, Zoom meetings, and new ways of communication during the pandemic, we are excited to offer our members and friends virtual art classes via this digital platform. Sponsored by seed monies from the MVCA Delores M. Restante Memorial Fund, we are excited to embark upon this journey.

We are grateful to artist Joanne DeStefano of New Hartford, NY, for helping us with our maiden voyage. She was a trooper all day as she shared her talents, her tips and tricks, her stories, and her enthusiasm. A watercolor instructor at MVCC, SUNY IT Marcy, MVCA, and other venues, Joanne loves to “help others, through expression of art, to be free of fears and know that everything in our lives happens for a reason.” Her contagious energy, bold use of color, and freedom of expression made the day fly by. Joanne helped students understand some key brushes, brush strokes, where to begin, and the differences in various papers (including the synthetic, waterproof Yupo paper). She also introduced the unexpected ability to rework and enhance some of your previously completed watercolors.

Work by student S. Collins

We also thank Mr. Dave Warner of Embella, Inc. who filmed the day’s event. Your dedication to making our first class a high-quality video product was greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing your fully-edited results.

The video class will be available soon in the upcoming months for a small fee. Customers will have unlimited viewing access to the class once purchased.

Please help support this project by purchasing your access to the video and encouraging your friends and fellow artists to do the same. Stay tuned for more information and the formal announcement once the class is released for purchase.

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