Photo submitted – NYSATA Region 3 meeting at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts in April 2016.

by Dave Warner

The New York State Art Teachers Association has awarded a Region 3 award to the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts. It’s for businesses that further the mission of art teachers, art education and who support the Region 3 art teachers and members of the teachers association.

Executive Director Jane Malin stated, “We host different things here for the Region. Sometimes they’ll have their quarterly meetings, we always have the youth art month gallery show, which is normally in the January/February time period.”

She said that they have done various art projects under the MVCA umbrella so that they can submit for grant money for them. “We do that quite a bit. They have field trips, sketch buildings, and all kinds of things. We help them with writing their grants as well. They’re really good about working with us and vice versa.”

She says that it is really a good collaboration. “It’s really exciting for us to be recognized as one of the organizations that supports them”

Malin says that they were nominated by Heather McCutcheon and Donnalyn Shuster. “I think they put us in and nominated us. They were pleased and so were we that we got chosen.”

“MVCA has hosted Region 3 on a few different occasions to hold workshops. They offer the space free of cost and are excited to have NYSATA members in their space working. The last NYSA TA Region 3 workshop held there Donnlayn Shuster and I presented a hands-on Printmaking along with a Region 3 meeting just before,” said Heather McCutcheon.

She continued, “Herkimer county Art Teachers had been lucky enough to have a student/teacher exhibit in celebration of Youth Art Month for the last 4 years at MVCA. They give us the space to display the works, a reception, and even help with the PR. Each year this show gets bigger and bigger. This year there were over 50 student and teacher pieces hanging and the reception was full of families and supporters.”

Adrienne Watson also received an award as Art Educator of the Year. “She teaches our tangle class and she has taught some of our youth camps as well. She’s also an instructor here at the art center as well, as is Nancie Coonie, who received the Retiree Award. She teaches a lot of our youth camps as well,” stated Malin.

“It’s a really nice recognition and we’re very happy for them.”

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