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From Our Director -

It’s believed the first snow globes were Parisian off-shoots of early 19th century paperweights. Today we see them displaying everything from cityscapes and forest scenes to Disney characters and Legos. Some have animated tableaus, while others play music.

It was snowing last month when I selected the photo for the front of this edition of Art Matters. As the insulting material piled up in my driveway, I was not in the best of moods. Certainly this wintry display was happening way too early in the calendar year. But then I tried to imagine the life inside the globe. The street light reminded me of Little Falls. The “Snows” could have been Canal Place shoppers enjoying an evening stroll in Sterzinar Park. Their scarves probably came from Paca Gardens, and Mrs. Snow’s hat was definitely a treasure from the Selective Eye. It was still too early for winter, but I was beginning to thaw just a little.

How lucky are we to live in this small city and the quaint, neighboring villages of the Mohawk Valley? This is our snow globe. We aren’t protected by a glass dome. However, we fiercely protect our culture, our passion for the arts, our family-friendly events and festivals, farmers’ markets and antique stores, historic buildings and story hours. We love to see kids and dogs playing in the park and people eating ice cream cones, even on winter afternoons. Yes, this is our snow globe.

MVCA is growing, and it’s because of you! We have the best members, the most energetic volunteers, incredibly generous sponsors, supportive business partners, and creative sister organizations with which to collaborate.

Join us. Bring your friends. We know Art Matters!

Jane H. Malin
Executive Director