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MVCA Raises Over $58,000 to Help Save Valley Cinemas

Valley Cinemas in Little Falls, like many other small-town, independently owned theaters, was struggling to comply with an industry imposed transition from 35-millimeter film to digital. Last year, MVCA joined the campaign to help save Valley Cinemas. The theaters have been a great community resource for the showing of first-run movies. A total of $75,000 was needed to convert the two theaters from film to digital projection.

MVCA is very happy and proud to announce that the arts center raised over $58,000 for the campaign. That, along with the approximately $20,000 that was raised prior to MVCA’s involvement, brings the campaign to a successful conclusion.

Most notably, The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc. has made a $30,000 investment with MVCA and Valley Cinemas to make an impact in the community that will enable this important cultural and artistic resource to continue serving the residents of the Mohawk Valley.

Concurrently, having digital projection equipment will allow MVCA and Valley Cinemas to organize local film festivals and events that will enhance the cultural and artistic quality of life and provide new artistic and creative opportunities for the area.

One theater has already been converted to digital and the other should be converted within the next month. MVCA will own the equipment and lease it back to the theater in exchange for programming opportunities.

Valley Cinemas has been in existence for 34 years and has been a key contributor to cultural events which draw new visitors to the community and simultaneously encourage current residents to support local business and cultural venues.

The campaign was a project where the entire community came together to make this happen. Many people gave of their time, talent, and treasures to see the campaign through.

A celebratory event is now in the planning stages. Stay tuned!