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Yearly Membership Drive

Please watch the mail for our yearly membership letter and renewal form.
Please renew your membership for 2016.

MVCA thanks to you in advance for your continued support.



2015 Great Art Giveaway Winners 

Our 2015 Great Art Giveaway culminated with a reception on October 4 at the Canal Side Inn in Little Falls. There were 24 lucky people who won a beautiful piece of original art. Many of the artists were on hand to speak about their artistic process and inspiration. Thank you to all the artists for their very generous donations and to everyone who purchased tickets.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Jill Blauvelt David Pye
Linda Casler  Delores Restante
Nancy Coleman Deirdre Turner
Nancy Coleman Tom Yacovella
Lisa Cushman Joan Balder Cook
Sam & Colleen Corsi Wilson Bickford
Lisa Flanagan Doug Whitfield
Mary Ann George Robert Willman
Beth Hall Pam Menotti
Angela Harris Donna Veeder
Angela Harris Frank Wilcox
Georgia Isereau Lynn Rogers
Kathy Lowery James Bruce Schwabach
Linda Wagner Giorgina Talarico
Linda Wagner Irina Crane
Mary Macrina Robert Critser
Jane Malin Irina Crane
Laureen Mitchell Kathy Canastar
Charles Pannaci Claudia Gloo
Richard Petkovsek Deborah Rosato
Joan Simpson Evelyn Balder
Joan Simpson Elizabeth Snyder
Oscar Stivala Liz Horender
John Steveson Chistine VanMeter

2015 Regional Exhibition Awards ”Reflection”

The following awards were presented October 17 at the opening for MVCA’s 2015 Regional Exhibition, with the theme, “Reflection.”

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

1st prize Irina Crane (Harlequin)
2nd prize Joanne DeStefano (A Mustard Seed)
3rd prize  Dan Bacich (Yellow Christ)
FAC Solo Exhibit 2016 Alan Vincent (Guard Gates Little Falls)
George Aney Honorary Award John Famulare (Rachel’s Glasses)
Francis Naumann Memorial Award Frank Wilcox (Clear Pond)
Otto Naumann Memorial Award Marion Kratky (Winter Reflection)
Edwin Vogt Memorial Award J. Bruce Schwabach (Autumn Reflection #1)




Start planning for... MVCA’s 2016 Regional Art Exhibition

The theme is: Full Circle